The idea

Through partnering with cooperations, small projects and creating our own initivatives we develop a sustainable stevia value chain that is driven by demand. Fair prices are key for everyone in this supply chain, creating opportunities for all.


By taking it step by step and starting small, the production of sustainable stevia can keep up with the growing demand. Especially in low income countries cultivating stevia can offer a way to earn a living wage.

How we can help...

Opportunities for Stevia

In recent years we have gathered experience in growing, harvesting, and marketing stevia. Through the development of our own initiatives we have come to believe that stevia can offer good opportunities for everyone involved in the stevia value chain.


Today producers and consumers choose to buy more sustainable products. They are more aware and like to know where and how it is produced. Feeling connected to the story behind the product is essential. Therefore the market for sustainable stevia is expanding.


Stevia can be a positive live changer,  a crop that is able to support farmers in many places all over the world. It enables them to earn a living wage. 

Stevia powder


Alongside the agricultural element of producing stevia, we have developed an 100% natural stevia powder that can be used by (organic) tea and  food and beverages companies to reduce the amount of sugar in their products. Currently we are in the process of investigating the scaling of the production and sales channels.


These initiatives are part of our journey while creating the sustainable stevia value chain. 

Europe - Cultivation - Marketing

Together with 10 local farmers we started growing stevia on a small scale in the Southern part of Europe . Three harvests per year were dried and exported to the Netherlands.


A website made the sale of the stevia possible and we also visited local organic markets to promote several stevia products. 


At the moment the farmers that continued growing stevia, sell their harvest in Spain directly. 

Asia - Marketing - Trade

Asia offers vertile grounds and a good climate for stevia. 


We connect to a cooperation of local stevia growers to promote and sell their stevia products.

Sharing knowledge

Stevia comes in a lot of varieties and picking the right kind that is suitable for a certain climate  is important to produce a good yield.


Together with an organic seed company we are exploring

the possibilities for cultivation stevia.






Eastern Europe

We invested our knowledge and time to set up a sustainable stevia farm together with a local farmer.


Local municipality and regional government are supportive and participating in the project. Together we are investigating the possibilities for scaling up the project and extraction facilities. 




Africa - Promotion - Marketing

In Africa we work together with a stevia cooperation.


We intent to develop a sustainable stevia value chain for their stevia leaves in Europe.

Western Africa - Small initiatives

People in western Africa  are in need of more income and reduced  sugar intake.


Therefore we are exploring the possiblities for the cultivation and marketing of stevia in Western Africa.