Through partnering with cooperations, small projects and creating our own initivatives we develop a sustainable stevia value chain that is driven by demand. Fair prices are key for everyone in this supply chain, creating opportunities for all.


By taking it step by step and starting small, the production of sustainable stevia can keep up with the growing demand.

Especially in low income countries cultivating stevia can offer a way to earn a living wage.

Stevia value chain

Stevia cultivation and advice

Over the years we have gained extensive experience on the production of stevia in different climates, weather conditions and countries.


We have familiarized ourselves with the cultivation of stevia. 'Organic' and quality add value to your product and market.


We offer personal and handson knowledge about the growing process from seed to dry leaf. With our knowledge and experience we can help to establish a sustainable stevia value chain based on cooperative ideas.

Production facility and creating market

Many countries are discovering the benefits of locally produced products for their own market. Therefore starting your own local production facility offers new possibilities.


Cooperatives can join together to start a production facility for 100% natural (green) stevia extract powder. This natural extract can be locally used in f.e. juices, beverages, fruit yogurts or to reduce sugar in existing products.


In the Netherlands we developed this production facility to produce 100% natural (green) stevia extract powder. For example products go to our webshop: Sweet Solution


Additionally, developing your market is key. We support you with our experience on product development, partnering with local companies etc.



Additional services


We share our knowledge with farmers and local governments by giving presentations and through cooperation and participation. 


We offer a network of stevia growers, farmers and cooperations, that we can connect to tea, food and beverage companies.


Bringing supply and demand together, by building a long lasting relationship between farmer and producer, we support the development of sustainable stevia value chain. 


Trade of dried stevia leaves is a way to connect farmers to a supply chain. We aim for a long lasting and reliable relationship between grower and producer.


Especially new niche markets have a growing demand for sustainable stevia. We believe in fair trade and especially in low income countries stevia can be a life changer.

From the Southern part of Europe to Africa and Asia we work with  cooperations and other initiatives that support their stevia farmers with a living wage.


We buy and sell different grades of sustainable and/or organic stevia leaves.


Innovation is key to secure  continues demand for stevia products. We develop new products and invest in new ideas.



For more information on innovation or our natural stevia please contact us.